Phoenix Network

Stupid ideas often lead to hilarious results

Who are we?

Phoenix Network was started back in 2008 as a way to be able to do things a bit more legit. From then the company mostly just stood there, doing nothing. We did lots of projects to gain experience and build connections. And by 2014 we had contacts in so many strange places it was time to step out form the shadows.


We always refer to ourselves as we, tho it's basicly a one man operation. Just basicly, because we use our connections so much it turns into a team effort. Only we get the credit. Clever, right? Cynical? Yes to both, and that's why we charge far below market standard. And this reflects our view of the world. We yearn for the olden days when you bartered a fish for a pack of flour, a ring for a new tooth, a sword for a cow. If a project can turn into a relationship, it's usually far more valuable to us than the cold cash. Are we exploitable? Sure we are. And we usually don't care.


We are in this for the fun of it, so give us a go, you might not regret it.

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