Phoenix Network

Phoenix Network

Stupid ideas often lead to hilarious results

Selling our souls

Got a job you loathe to do yourself? Or maybe you don't have time or the required skills? Why not just hire someone who has mastered the art of learning fast?


Phoenix Network thrives on one simple principle: We never say "we can't." At least at first. If we don't have the skills, we usually ask you to give us a few days to do some research. If we conclude that this is something we want to do, we'll give you a good deal. We are not here to get rich, we are here to help those that might not have the biggest budget. If we like your project, we'd love to be involved. If we don't like it, but need some extra cash, we'd love to be involved. If we don't want to, we'd not be involved. It's that simple. So give us a go. We are known to do projects for free if it is for a cause we truly believe in.


We sport a wide range of skills. We are the jacks of all trades, master of very few. But we also know how to make you believe we master it. But that is irrelevant, because all you want is a finished project, and all we want is a finished project you are satisfied with. And to put our competitors to shame, we can go a long extra mile if needed.


This might be the stupidest business model ever, but from experience, stupid ideas often lead to hilarious results.

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